The Art of Tangled

For my birthday yesterday, my husband surprised me with The Art of Tangled book, which is just lovely!  I just get so inspired with every page.  I wish I had the talent that these artists have. Needless to say, I was excited to pull out my sketch book and tablet and sketch away.  Here are a few I did based off of some sketches by Glen Keane.

Herbs and Spices Inventory Checklist

My husband loves to cook, particularly international cuisine. We like to call him things like Chef Jeff and Mr. Spice Guy because of his knack for perfectly executing complex, delicious cuisine in his first try. I am thrilled about this hobby of his, because my cooking skills leave something to be desired at times. Look at just a few of his delicious creations: Here’s my attempt ata cake mix and a can of frosting: Since Mr. Spice Guy is always cooking new things, he likes to keep our spice cabinet... Read The Rest →

Graphic Design Service Announcement

I’m going to talk about something on a more serious note.  There is a terrible thing plaguing homes, schools, the internet and graphic design all over the world.  It is called Comic Sans.  I’ve had many a conversation over the years about the font Comic Sans, and did my best to educate poor, unsuspecting victims who have been somehow sucked into its clutches.  I’m just doing my part to further the cause.  If you fall in this category, please educate yourself!  A simple google search of Comic Sans will bring... Read The Rest →

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