Graphic Design Service Announcement

I’m going to talk about something on a more serious note.  There is a terrible thing plaguing homes, schools, the internet and graphic design all over the world.  It is called Comic Sans.  I’ve had many a conversation over the years about the font Comic Sans, and did my best to educate poor, unsuspecting victims who have been somehow sucked into its clutches.  I’m just doing my part to further the cause.  If you fall in this category, please educate yourself!  A simple google search of Comic Sans will bring up plenty of resources to help you out (such as this one, and this one, or perhaps this one.)

Here’s an incredible, inventive site that interactively explains why it is such a cursed font, and how it came to exist. Seriously, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.
To do my part, I made this poster:

Let’s wipe out comic sans!

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