Away he goes!

I thought I would do a few throwback posts to some of my old designs or artwork, since it is fun to look back and see how far I have come. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite little photoshop projects A few years ago, my sister Melody posted a picture of her husband throwing little Gabe extremely high in the air as he often likes to do (don’t worry, he is very cautious and careful).  My older brother Matt always has clever and funny ideas, and sent his version... Read The Rest →

Summer Projects

I have been super busy with lots of fun projects lately.  It is camp season, so I am getting lots of requests for those (unfortunately I have had to turn some down.  Not that I want to, but with the limited time I have, I can’t afford to take on every project that comes my way.  That wouldn’t be fair to me or my clients.) but I am also still doing my regular logos and designs.  Here’s a sampling! This was a shower invitation made for my cousin Suzana who... Read The Rest →

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