Day 12: A Favorite Outfit

Day 12 of my 30 day drawing challenge: A favorite Outfit. It isn’t often that I get to dress up in a skirt and heels, but when I do I enjoy it! I also enjoy a good bargain too. I also have this really weird ability to remember where I bought every article of clothing, and how much it cost. Anyway, this is a simple outfit, but I love it because it is a good base for dressing up with a nice scarf or coat, or dressing down with some... Read The Rest →

Day 11: A Typographic Quote

Day 11 of my 30 day drawing challenge: A Typographic Quote This is a little on-going joke. One time I was doing something very embarrassing and awkward and Emily turned to Jeff and jokingly said, “Jeff… when did you know she was the one?” After that, this phrase was tossed around on several occasions to all of us and our spouses. I always thought it would be funny to have it cutesy and framed, like one of those posters people always have like, “All because two people fell in love…”... Read The Rest →

Day 9 & 10: Classic Iconic Hollywood Scene and Dignity

Day 9 & 10: Classic Iconic Hollywood Scene and Dignity Ok, so I may be totally cheating here, but I behind a day, wondering what to draw for dignity… and here I was, drawing Don Lockwood. So, what is more appropriate than him??? Dignity, always dignity. It was just too much of a coincidence. If you can tell me where the “drawing dignity” reference is from, you win a prize!

Day 8: A Super Hero

Day 8 of my drawing challenge: A Super Hero Growing up I created an alter ego called Super Lili. Her super powers were flight and super negotiation skills.  I was a shamelessly awkward teenager by choice, and I definitely portrayed that in my Super Lili comics.  For day 8, I chose to do a vector drawing of her, but in a more stylized, modern way.  Definitely far from the striped spandex wearing hero with frilly antenna atop her head.

Day 7: A quick gesture drawing.

Day 7 of my 30 day drawing challenge: A quick gesture drawing.   This is my second attempt at this, because I fell asleep after finishing my first attempt and my computer battery died and it got deleted… Luckily this was an easy challenge today, and didn’t take long to start again.

Day 6: Literary Hero

Day 6 of my drawing challenge: A literary hero. Growing up, my brother Drew and I were Harry Potter super fans (scarves, ties, wands, walls covered in posters, HP toothpaste, pillows, etc.) but with all our HP love, there was just enough room in our hearts for Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events.  We had so much fun enjoying and discussing these books through out the years, I feel just as connected to the poor Baudelaires as I am the boy who lived. Which is why I chose Violet as... Read The Rest →

Day 5: Object in the room

Day 5 of my drawing challenge: An object in the room. I am an extreme bargain shopper.  Getting a good deal gives me such a huge rush.  One of my favorite places to get awesome deals is the As-Is section of IKEA.  I have found so many little gems there.  Countless picture frames, cute dishes, Penny’s bed, but my favorite thing I found was this clock.  It was less than a dollar, and had a tiny, unnoticeable crack on the face.  It has such personality and style, I plan to... Read The Rest →

For my Valentine

Sometimes I feel like I devoted all my creative powers strictly to my art, because I have absolutely no talent for cooking or baking. If I see a recipe that has more than 5 ingredients, my brain panics and shuts down. Fortunately I married a man who is very comfortable in the kitchen, and loves to explore lots of different cuisines.  I have even had to hold him back once or twice as to not hurt our bank account too badly (you should have seen the puppy-dog eyes he was... Read The Rest →

Day 4: Significant Other

Day 4’s topic was my significant other (or family/friend).  I wanted to draw Jeff in a not so exaggerated, un-cartoony way that I usually go for.  I came up with this.   I referenced a photo I took of himself last November (or should I say Movember).  Facial hair growing is just one of Jeff’s many manly talents that I swoon over.  Though I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of handlebars, I am impressed at his ability to pull them off.  And it reminds me of the 2nd... Read The Rest →

Day 3: Childhood Memory

Here is my day 3 drawing for my 30 Day Drawing & Design Challenge. Today was a childhood memory. For some reason this memory has always stuck with me. I was about 5 or 6 years old, and my brother Matt was rummaging around looking for something in the under stairs. Seeing the perfect opportunity to practice the new joke I had just learned, holding back the laughter I asked, “What are you eating under there?” to which he responded in a high, sing-song voice, “panties!” I was in utter... Read The Rest →

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