Mother/Daughter Collaboration

When Pen was born, one of the things I planned to do as she grew up was familiarize her with graphic design. More so just to get her to the point where she is adobe savvy enough to have her own creative expression as she grows. Since I have been using photoshop since I was 14, I understand the vast benefits of being able to create stuff on your own in a more professional way. My school projects were always above and beyond expectation, even though their creation seemed rather simple to me.

In my adult life, I found that graphic design was more beneficial that getting a little extra credit on a brochure explaining Sylvester Graham’s overly healthy and controversial lifestyle. I soon found that didn’t have to pay anyone to design my wedding announcements, thank you cards, various invitations through out the years, countless birthday or occasion presents for family and friends, and of course I soon found I enjoyed designing and illustrating so much, I started my own business! Now, I realize that being a graphic designer goes far beyond using a computer program.  Anyone can learn to use photoshop, but not everyone is a designer. But even if it turns out that Penny isn’t super enthusiastic about design, at least she’ll be able to put together a decent power point presentation for college someday, or know a good font when she sees one.

But for now, we are enjoying our little tender moments spent together drawing and doodling.  Today while sitting on my lap, she requested we draw some monsters. I asked her for details like head sizes, colors, limb lengths, eye placement, hairstyles, etc. and she would dictate what I was to draw. I helped her a little along the way, but I think we came up with some fun designs! Her favorite is the mommy and baby, but after we saved the jpeg, she was really sad that she didn’t make their eyes opened. Next time, eh Pen?