Art Camp!

After we found ourselves with an empty basement, I turned it into my art studio and fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine of hosting an art camp! A concentrated few hours of pure artsy goodness. I had so many enthusiastic students who were bursting with creativity and talent. What a treat to see all the different interpretations of these projects that I have had on my to-do list for years.

While teaching regular art lessons is great, this summer program gave me an opportunity to condense a bunch of my lessons and have kids make 3-4 projects per class! We did 5 classes in July, most recently learning about graphic design, illustration and typography. Check out some of the projects we did!

illustration design typography-01To introduce the younger class to graphic design, I loved this idea found here. It was simple enough that even the 4 year olds could handle it, and let everyone have a little taste of how cool it is to draw with a graphics tablet and use photoshop (I introduced my daughter to photoshop at 2 years old- it’s never too early!). It also taught a great lesson about value and color.

elizabethElizabeth ezraEzra






The older class did these cool name insects! Using photoshop, I had them write their names in cursive, which we copied and flipped which ends up looking really cool! They finished by using the paint bucket in photoshop to color it in.