Bathroom Cleaning Chart

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Lately I have been so busy, the only designs or drawings I have done were out of necessity. And this bathroom chart was definitely a necessity, mostly because my 5 year old will do anything a chart tells her to. Especially if there is something to check off. So we drew and colored this on photoshop and printed, laminated, and then finally hung it up in the bathroom with a small dry erase marker taped to it.

Penny's Bathroom Checklist |

The results? I now have a sparkling clean bathroom and I didn’t have to lift a finger! Well done, Penny! Does your child respond well to charts and checklists? Try my little chart for yourself! Available in color and black and white if your little one wants to color it. Choose whichever you’d like to download. And be sure to follow me on instagram (@liliribs_art) for more freebies and promotions! And keep an eye out for my daily schedule chart that is in the works.

Colored PDF   |   B&W PDF

  • Rachel Goodman

    this is great! I’m going to print it and use it (with a couple minor changes — as we don’t use paper towels or scrubbing bubbles for cleaning). Thanks.