Bathroom Cleaning Chart

Lately I have been so busy, the only designs or drawings I have done were out of necessity. And this bathroom chart was definitely a necessity, mostly because my 5 year old will do anything a chart tells her to. Especially if there is something to check off. So we drew and colored this on photoshop and printed, laminated, and then finally hung it up in the bathroom with a small dry erase marker taped to it. The results? I now have a sparkling clean bathroom and I didn’t have... Read The Rest →

First Lady Fashion Project

Living just 5 minutes from the DC border, we are always sure to take advantage of all the great things downtown has to offer (Jeff and Pen are downtown at the American History Museum for a viewing of Muppet’s Christmas Carol as I type this). And since most of the museums at the Smithsonian are free, we love to explore all the nooks and crannies, taking our time every time we head over there. Among all the awesome exhibits, one of my top favorites remains the gowns of the First... Read The Rest →

Not so Little Link

My boy is growing fast. While we have had to severely baby proof our house very quickly, I’m loving this more independent stage that my very needy baby is growing into. He is such a funny guy, and attracts attention everywhere we go. At his 9 month appointment, the doctor told us he was pretty much average all around with his growth stats except for his very large, spherical head. I laughed and said I knew that already, and I love it as it makes him look like one of... Read The Rest →


I’ve always been a fan of quirky, indie, or underdog¬† films. My top ten movie lists includes several Wes Andersen films, Life Aquatic being at the top. I think what draws me to these types of movies is the strong emphasis on character driven stories. While my brother Drew was at BYU studying animation, he introduced us to the short film, Peluca, the origin of Napoleon Dynamite. So when they made a feature length film of our favorite Preston, ID resident, we were overjoyed. Now THERE’S a movie full of... Read The Rest →

Art Camp!

After we found ourselves with an empty basement, I turned it into my art studio and fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine of hosting an art camp! A concentrated few hours of pure artsy goodness. I had so many enthusiastic students who were bursting with creativity and talent. What a treat to see all the different interpretations of these projects that I have had on my to-do list for years. While teaching regular art lessons is great, this summer program gave me an opportunity to condense a bunch of my... Read The Rest →

Princess Penny

One of the perks of having so many sisters is that they have vast talents in many areas. While enjoying our recent family reunion in Bend, Oregon, two of my sister-in-laws and I came up with a brilliant idea of combining our talents and doing a princess photoshoot with little Penny. Well, of course Penny was thrilled at the idea of being pampered and primped and photographed. My little four year old spent the evening before the shoot “practicing her modeling,” as she put it. “I’m not going to do... Read The Rest →

A busy start to the year.

It is amazing how having a baby can suddenly suck up any spare time you had, right? Especially if that baby is a super-colicky, fretful thing than won’t hardly nap during the day or sleep longer than 2 hour stretches in the night… Good think he is freakin’ adorable! By some miracle, I have also found a few moments here and there to get my creative juices flowing again! Here are a few things I have been able to work on. Easter is always a good opportunity to get some... Read The Rest →

Little Link

I suppose I haven’t posted on here in quite a while, but I do have an excuse. We recently welcomed our son Link into the world! This new addition has inspired me to create lots of artwork from many creative outlets. We’ll start with the very first day he was born. I wanted to capture a glimpse of the first moments of Link’s life. The film is only 50 seconds long, but I feel we were able to portray the feelings and emotions present that day. I’ve been having a... Read The Rest →

Mother/Daughter Collaboration

When Pen was born, one of the things I planned to do as she grew up was familiarize her with graphic design. More so just to get her to the point where she is adobe savvy enough to have her own creative expression as she grows. Since I have been using photoshop since I was 14, I understand the vast benefits of being able to create stuff on your own in a more professional way. My school projects were always above and beyond expectation, even though their creation seemed rather... Read The Rest →

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