You may have some questions regarding what to expect when hiring me for your designs or illustrations. Perhaps I can address those questions here.

Q:  Pricing and Payments?
A: The question on all our minds, right?  Check out the pricing tab above for more specific prices.  Of course, the best way to get more information is to ask me via the contact tab above, and I will send you a quick creative brief to fill out that will give me a clearer scope of the project for which I can provide a more accurate estimate.

Remember, you aren’t just paying for a product or design, you are paying for my time, experience, and enthusiasm. You know you are in good hands with an artist who properly values their work.  I hope my standard of efficiency and quality as well as my unique personal style help set me apart and justify the price. I love what I do, and only give my clients the best of the best.

I am very transparent in my process and will never sneak in any unplanned fees. If any additional charges are added during your project (which rarely has ever happened) it will only be done with a full explanation and confirmation of your knowledge. My top priority is making sure I have happy customers! Nothing I love more that presenting a finished piece of artwork to a very satisfied client, and I will do everything to ensure we arrive there seamlessly.

As far as payments go, I prefer to use Paypal, but may consider other options if necessary.

Q: Why do you require a down payment? I’m hesitant to give up money before seeing some work.

A: I ask for a 50% deposit upfront and a signed contract before I begin any work on your project. It is an industry standard to require a deposit or down payment.  Any self-respecting artist who believes they have quality work to offer will require this both to ensure you are a serious client and as a sign of commitment for both parties.  It is a motivator and a sign of trust and respect for the designer’s hard work and creativity they are about to commit to your project. Most of my clients seek me out for my style, so they already have a sense of my work and have confidence going into the project. For samples of my current work you can check out my website and instagram (@liliribs_art) which I update frequently.

Q: When do I pay my final balance?

Only after you have given your stamp of approval on your completed design proof and you are very happy with the artwork. I will send a final invoice of your remaining balance, and after that is settled your artwork is sent straight over.

Q: There is a sea of liars and scams out there.  Are you for reals?

A: It is unfortunate that a few dishonest people ruin it for the good guys. Much like at an airport, a deposit and contract acts as that security line for both of us.  And since neither of us are the bad guys, a little security won’t hinder the process that much and you get to keep your shoes on.  It ensures that both of us are protected and safe from any unpleasant business that may occur, and sets high expectations from the beginning.  A safe flight from take off to touch down!

I am also happy to provide references, my resume, explanation of my work process (see several videos of me drawing here!), I’ll even chat with you online, skype or on the phone.  I am very committed to having happy clients from start to finish, and will gladly answer any questions you may have.  And having a happy designer on your side doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Q: How fast should I expect to see my artwork after I sign my contract and pay my deposit?

A: After your deposit and contract have been paid and signed, I will get to work right away on a concept design, which under normal circumstances will be completed within the week. Depending on your project, I then require a minimum of three weeks to complete the project (I usually shoot to have things done in less than a month).

Q: I don’t have a very big budget for this project, but there is potential for work in the future.  Can you help me out this time?

A: No.

Ok, let me explain a little more. While I realize sometimes funds are limited, this is my job and I am a professional. While I would love to help you out, I can’t afford to take on non-paying jobs. I have spent years developing these skills, invested lots of money in software and tools, and am constantly working to improve my work.  Charity and pro bono work has it’s place when called for, but for now, normally I will ask for my full price.  Plus I have lots of free work I’m already doing for my mom 🙂

Think of it this way.  You wouldn’t expect a carpenter to build your kitchen cabinets for free, offering him only the hope that you may have more cabinets to build in the future.

Q: But it will be a great experience and good exposure and I will let you use the design in your portfolio…

A: A little tip for you: never say this to a designer/photographer/illustrator/creative.  I know you have the best of intentions but is insulting and false. I am entitled to display anything I design as I legally own the artwork, and I certainly don’t need to do free work to come up with something for my portfolio as I am bursting with ideas of my own!

Q: I’m having a design contest.  Would you like to participate?
A:  No.

Let me explain.  Design contest are a very cunning way to take advantage of designers in the masses, with little to no hope of getting paid or recognized for your work.  Often, inexperienced or uninformed designers falsely believe this is a good path to take (I naively did, many many years ago) but often contest only produce second class or fraudulent work.

Q: Do you do trades?  I make the cutest tutus!!

A: I’m sure your tutus are adorable and frilly, but unfortunately tutus aren’t accepted as legal US currency.  I won’t rule out trades completely, because there are things that I feel are equal to design, but most often I work best when there are deposits and balances in play.

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