Sometimes it can be a struggle to pull kids away from their video games, tv shows, or other various devices and encourage them to explore their creative side. Why not combine both? Digital art combines the appeal of technology and computers with the creativity and expression of art! Kids today are so tech savvy at such an early age, that creating art digitally comes a lot more naturally. And I cannot express how beneficial it is to learn Adobe programs, especially at such an early age. My students learn the essentials of Photoshop, Illustrator, and other digital design tools, things that most designers don’t even start to learn until college. Graphic design and digital illustration are extremely lucrative and relevant in the world today, and can give anyone a big leg up when on the job hunt, among so many other things.

Lessons start at $30 an hour. Availability is limited, so please email me with inquiries or questions via the contact form above, or at

Student Work:
Vanessa, age 11
art bug Rapunzel color Valenties roseHatchet poster-01Ariel color-01  fish tank

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