First Lady Fashion Project

Living just 5 minutes from the DC border, we are always sure to take advantage of all the great things downtown has to offer (Jeff and Pen are downtown at the American History Museum for a viewing of Muppet’s Christmas Carol as I type this). And since most of the museums at the Smithsonian are free, we love to explore all the nooks and crannies, taking our time every time we head over there. Among all the awesome exhibits, one of my top favorites remains the gowns of the First... Read The Rest →

A busy start to the year.

It is amazing how having a baby can suddenly suck up any spare time you had, right? Especially if that baby is a super-colicky, fretful thing than won’t hardly nap during the day or sleep longer than 2 hour stretches in the night… Good think he is freakin’ adorable! By some miracle, I have also found a few moments here and there to get my creative juices flowing again! Here are a few things I have been able to work on. Easter is always a good opportunity to get some... Read The Rest →

Show Stopping Number

My husband and I were just conversing as normal, when I mentioned the lovely Esther Williams, and good heavens, he had no idea who I was talking about!  A simple youtube search remedied that, and he is now very savvy, or as savvy as you can be without actually watching the films. There is just something so magical about those old classics, especially when they involve big, show stopping, budget busting numbers.  It is very iconic of that era.  So, with that in mind, I created this.  It was such... Read The Rest →

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