I’ve always been a fan of quirky, indie, or underdog¬† films. My top ten movie lists includes several Wes Andersen films, Life Aquatic being at the top. I think what draws me to these types of movies is the strong emphasis on character driven stories. While my brother Drew was at BYU studying animation, he introduced us to the short film, Peluca, the origin of Napoleon Dynamite. So when they made a feature length film of our favorite Preston, ID resident, we were overjoyed. Now THERE’S a movie full of... Read The Rest →

Day 2: Animal

Here is my day 2 drawing for my 30 Day Drawing & Design Challenge.¬† Today’s assignment was an animal. Growing up, the only animal I really wanted was a hamster. I got my first one in the 2nd grade from my cousins, and it was the best pet. We would make elaborate mazes for it with old VHS tapes and blocks, I would make B-movie horror films with it attacking my doll house and its residents, and of course the hamster ball was always entertaining. I would let Sturgeon the... Read The Rest →

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